Student Resources

Below are materials and resources you may find helpful when studying flute.

Metronome Online - Batteries dead in your metronome? Don't worry there's a free one on the internet!

2016 All-state scales and etudes

2016 All-State Videos:
6th-8th Grade #1
9th-10th Grade #1
11th-12th Grade #1

6th-8th Grade #2
9th-10th Grade #2
11th-12th Grade #2

Sheet Music - New tune everyday, plus playback and accompaniment! Site also a great resource for metronome, tuner, and fingering charts.

Sight reading tune of the day from!

International Music Score Library - Public Domain scores. Want to study some Bach and Mozart scores? You'll find them here!

Blank Manuscript Paper - Print blank manuscript to compose your own music.