"She uses extended playing techniques imaginatively and expressively in a vibrant and evocative pop-influenced tonal language."

- American Record Guide

Commission Inquiry

Nicole is always looking to start new projects. She has experience composing for solo, chamber ensemble, band, orchestra, and even opera! Fill out the form below to get a free estimate on a potential original composition write for you and your ensemble.

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  1. Orion's Belt, I. Mintaka (excerpt)
    Dr. Mary Matthews, Matthew Angelo, & Nicole Chamberlain, flutes
  2. Wild Horses of Cumberland Island
    Hopewell Middle School Symphonic Band conducted by Ira Jenkins - Audrey Murphy, director
  3. Everything is fine.
    Maryland Chamber Winds
  4. Wail, III.Bender
    Dr. Shelley Martinson, flute & Phil Martinson, trombone
  5. In Cahoots
    Dr. Mary Matthews & Matthew Angelo, flutes
  6. Asphyxia
    Nicole Chamberlain, flute
  7. Frisson
    The Clibber Jones Ensemble
  8. Three-Nine Line, IV. Jink
    Dr. Mary Matthews, flute & Jessica Niles, piano
  9. Summer Insomnia
    Flute Choir of Atlanta - Kathy Farmer, director
  10. Stridulation
    Matthew Angelo, Mary Matthews & Pablo Issa Skaric
  11. Elasticity
    Cuatro Puntos
  12. French Quarter - I. Bourbon Street
    Perimeter Flutes
  13. Tamar
    Perimeter Flutes
  14. Here Comes the Wind from "Rabbit Tales"
    The Atlanta Opera
  15. Trajectory
    Dahlia Flute Duo & cellist Pablo Issa Skaric
  16. Fisticuffs
    Chamber Cartel
  17. Ogeechee
    Georgia Symphony Orchestra
  18. Movement, III. Flying
    Terminus Ensemble
  19. Nautica, III. Ox-Eye
    Wang Shui, piano
  20. Hopewell
    Hopewell Middle School Band
  21. Chatter
    Cayle Wells & Danielle Spaeth, flutes
  22. Smorgasbord, III. Carbonated
    Nicole Chamberlain, flute
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