"I love visiting schools, colleges, flute fairs, and universities to share what I learned (usually by hard knocks)."

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Nicole Chamberlain:Beatboxing to a Better Bach

I love visiting schools, colleges, flute fairs, and universities to share what I learned (usually by hard knocks). Here's some presentations I've been giving and have turned out helpful to others.

Nicole Chamberlain is a Powell Flutes Artist! Contact her about the possibility of Powell Flutes assisting in her appearances as a guest artist!

Powell Flutes Artist
Nicole Chamberlain and Dr. Mary Matthews: Beatboxing and Beyond Workshop

Beatboxing and Beyond Workshop

Dr. Mary Matthews and I love to work together. We prefer to teach this workshop together, but will work solo if schedules, etc can't make it feasible. In this workshop, we introduce our book "Beatboxing and Beyond". It's a method book for flutists looking to develop their extended techniques such as beatboxing, jet whistles, singing and playing, multiphonics, among many others. Etudes are composed by myself and Dr. Mary Matthews wrote an instructional outline on how to prepare and teach each etude. We teach this class as both a masterclass and interactive workshop. We've given this workshop at the National Flute Convention, Florida Flute Convention, Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention, Mid-South Flute Fair, Tennesee Tech Flute Day, and the Atlanta Flute Fair.

"Beatboxing to a Better Bach"

My most popular workshop! Flute students learn extended techniques and how to apply them to traditional flute playing. Everyone plays and we work together on a couple of pieces. See it in action at Kansas State University:

Nicole Chamberlain: The Hustle

"The Hustle: How To Make Money As A Musician Without A Steady Job"

There's no debate that the market is saturated with amazing musicians and composers. Since I never had an interest in being part of an orchestra or teaching at a university, I've had to be creative on how I earned an income. I put my past training as a graphic designer working in the corporate world into practice to become a full-time freelance musician. I share what has worked for me and how I currently support my dog's and husband's eating habits.

Nicole Chamberlain: Glutton for Gimmicks

"Glutton for Gimmicks: A Composer's Addiction to Extended Techniques"

Extended techniques have become the driving force for my original compositions. I share examples and my process for implementing them into my compositions. This presentation can also transition into a presentation for composers who would like to learn more about extended techniques or general compositing considerations for flute.

Nicole Chamberlain: Commissioning and Performing New Music

"Salty Composers and How to Avoid Them: Commissioning and Performing New Music"

This presentation is suitable for performers and composers. I take you through the process of commissioning new music from concept, to communication, to collaboration, to rehearsal, to the performance days and what happens after. I share my experiences of when it went wrong and when it went so right and why. I also get into the nitty gritty of contracts and payments. But commissioning new music isn't the only way to collaborate, but performing pre-existing music by living composers can also take on a collaborative relationship. This presentation encourages communication and establishing friendships between performers and composers.

Nicole Chamberlain: Traditional Flute Masterclass and Composition Masterclass

Traditional Masterclass

Of course I am happy to offer traditional masterclasses on flute or composition. I am familiar with standard flute repertoire as well as the newest music and techniques that are quickly becoming standard repertoire. Whether its working on the warhorses, new music, or my own compositions, I strive to make students comfortable and at ease so that they are open to trying new approaches.
Nicole Chamberlain: Flute Choir Coachings and Guest Conducting

Flute Choir or Large Ensemble Coachings and Guest Conducting

I have experience coaching beginner to professional flute choirs and everything in between - I was even the NFA Collegiate Flute Choir conductor for 2021 and 2022 conventions. I am happy to coach flute choirs on extended techniques used on my own pieces or help flute choirs come together as a team. I always look forward to shaking up a flute choir's routine!

I'm also available to coach large ensembles on my own pieces. It's my favorite part of the composition process. Finally getting to hear my music performed by real people, and hearing how they interpret what's on the page.

Nicole Chamberlain: Recital

Solo Recitals

I offer performances of my own music, and sometimes others, during residencies and visits. I have enough solo music of my own to perform alone, but with enough time for rehearsals during a visit I am happy to collaborate with others for a concert. This performance can be combined with the "Glutton for Gimmicks" lecture or can be purely a performance.

I hope you might consider having me out to your school or university. I never take myself too seriously, and I share many stories of my blunders and failures. Please feel free to email me for any questions or a quote.


How much does it cost to hire you to visit and present?
There's a few factors that affect the fee. Travel is the biggest factor and how long I will be away from my own students. If I live close or in the area and I don't have to pay for a plane ticket or a hotel room, natually the price is very affordable. I try to make it work!

I am officially a Powell Flutes artist. Sometimes they will assist in getting me to a location if I have enough time to go through the proper channels and pitch the idea.

Where do you live? Does that affect price?
I am based in Atlanta, Georgia. However, I have family in south Georgia, Winston-Salem & Raleigh, NC. I'm always looking for an excuse to visit them! Even if you need me further away from home, look at my calendar or contact me. Maybe we can make something work when I am already out your way to help cut the cost.

Would you consider working with other local schools if you are in the area?
Yes, traveling is what really drive up the cost of my visit. If there are a few schools or organizations willing to have me out, it might help keep that expense down when split among the groups.

Do you give standard masterclasses?
Yes, I have done the traditional masterclass for flute performance and composition and happy to offer that as well. Most universities have been more interested in how I make it work without being affiliated with a university or an established performing organization like an orchestra.

Would you be available for private lessons for my students?
Yes, I have done this as well, particularly for students who are preparing my music for performance or competition.

Would you be available for informal dinner/meet and greet?
Yes, this is probably my most favorite part of university and college visits. I talk about the post gig hang quite a bit in my presentation "The Hustle".

Would you perform on a concert of your music?
Of course! I got to walk the walk! Just let me know when you contact me about a quote.

I still have questions
Shoot me an email.

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Nicole enjoys being a visiting guest artist, performing, and working with students. You can learn more about what lectures and workshops she has to offer for your school or convention on her Visiting Artist page or contact her directly.

Host Organizations & Universities:

Colorado State University
Florida State University
Georgia State University
Georgia College and State University
Kansas State University
Louisiana Tech University
The Lovett School
Middle Tennessee State University
Missouri Southern State University
Metropolitan State University at Denver
Muhlenberg College
Oklahoma Flute Society
Raleigh Flute Association
Saint Cloud State University
Savannah Area Flute Association
Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Tarleton State University
Tennessee Tech University
University of Georgia
University of North Alabama
University of North Florida
University of North Georgia
University of North Carolina at Pembroke
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
University of Wyoming
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