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Nicole Chamberlain's music has seen an uptick in interest in the recording of her music. Her first recorded piece was Mangosteen for flute and guitar, recorded through Agnes Scott College and the Georgia Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts on the album "Bella Musica". It was performed by the composer and Brian Luckett in 2008.

Ithaca Flute Duo

In 2018, Ithaca Flute Duo included a recording of Chamberlain's Chatter for two flutes on their album "Debut".

Three-Nine Line

Also in 2018, "Three-Nine Line: Flute Music of Nicole Chamberlain" was released by MSR Classics. The music was recorded by flutists Dr. Mary Matthews, Matthew Angelo, Nicole Chamberlain, and pianist Jessica Nilles.

Diversions: Rose Bishop

"Diversions" was released September 2, 2022. "Diversions" is Rose Bishop's debut album of solo flute repertoire that she either commissioned during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, or performed as part of her residency with the Southeast Iowa Symphony Orchestra in October, 2021. This album features Nicole Chamberlain's Imperial Topaz for solo contra bass flute

Yes It's Still a Thing: Duo Sequenza

Duo Sequenza's album"Yes It's Still A Thing" was released September 9. 2022. This album features Nicole Chamberlain's Mangosteen for flute and guitar.

Duprass: Shelley and Philip Martinson

Shelley and Philip Martinson's album"Duprass" was released September 9, 2022. This album features Nicole Chamberlain's Wail for flute and trombone recorded by the commissioners of the piece Shelley (flute) and Philip Martinson (trombone).

Aviary: Elizabeth Robinson

Elizabeth Robinson's album"Aviary" was released March 24, 2023. This album features Nicole Chamberlain's Death Whistle for solo piccolo and Spooklight for flute quintet/choir. Both pieces were commissioned by Dr. Elizabeth Robinson.

Wail: Sarah Miller

Sarah Millers's album"Aviary" was released November 1, 2023. This album features Nicole Chamberlain's Wail for flute and trombone and is performed by Sophia Tegart (flute) and Sarah Miller (trombone)

Maryland Chamber Winds will release an album in 2024 that will include Everything is Fine for woodwind quintet.

The Merian Ensemble will release an album in 2024 that will include Atalanta for flute, oboe, bass clarinet, harp, and viola.

Need a Mechanical License?

Nicole self-publishes all of her music which means she is also in charge for distributing mechanical licenses for recordings of her compositions. Shoot her an email to find out more.

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