Composer: Nicole Chamberlain
Instrumentation: Woodwind Choir
Level: Advanced
Duration: 4 1/2 Minutes
Format: PDF
Price: $20.00
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Recording by Mars Hill Univeristy Woodwind Choir conducted by Misty Theisen

Lion Gate was commissioned by Misty Theisen for Mars Hill University Woodwind Choir. The choir is originally for two flute parts, two clarinet parts, and two alto saxophone parts. There are, however, some alternate parts in order to make the choir more flexible depending on the availability of players.

The mascot of Mars Hill University is the mountain lion. The mountain lion is an animal found in the the Appalachian Mountains area. Statues of lions have typically been found in many ancient and modern architecture guarding the entrances to cities, sacred spaces, museums, and educational establishments. Statues of lions at entrances and gates can be found across the globe from Hattusa, Turkey to New York City. The music in this piece takes a nod at music found in the ancient east to the modern west where the lion guardians are found.

Flutes (2)
Bb Clarinets (2)
Alto Saxophones (2)

Alternate Parts included:
Oboe to sub Flute 2
C Instrument to sub for Clarinet 1
Eb instrument to sub for Clarinet 2
Bb instrument to sub for Alto Saxophone 1
Bb instrument to sub for Alto Saxophone 2

Score and parts will be delivered by email in PDF format.