"The music of Nicole Chamberlain is exciting and vibrant."

-Flutist Quarterly

Latest Releases

Chuckaboo for alto flute and bass flute duo Georgia Heart for Bb clarinet and alto saxophone Catawampus for tuba and piano Into the Beyond Flute Method book by Dr. Mary Matthews and Nicole Chamberlain


Awarded a South Arts Individual Career Opportunity Grant for the Composer Feature Concert at the International Low Flutes Festival in DC!

I will be out of the studio from April 23 - May 12, 2024. I will have very limited internet access and no cell service because I am a Creative Residency Fellow at the Hambidge Center for the Creative Arts and Sciences. I should get tons of composing done! Please be patient with my communication during that time period.

2024 National Flute Association's Newly Published Music Competition Results are in! Here's how my music placed:
WINNER: Entanglement for flute and saxophone in the Flute Duet/Trio Category.
Finalist: "Into the Beyond" flute method in the Flute Method/Etude/Pedagogy Category.
Finalist: Beyond the Pale for low flute choir in the Low Flutes Category.

The hubs, Brian Chamberlain, got an awards as well! It's a fantastic piece and I've had fun performing it!
Honorable Mention: Convivial for solo flute in the Solo Flute Category.

Dr. Mary Matthews and I got to chat with Jean-Paul Wright about our latest book "Into the Beyond"! Check it out here:

Video of my comp Atalanta performed by the Merian Ensemble at TEDWoman is now posted:

I’ve been awarded a Creative Residency Fellowship at the Hambidge Center for the Creative Arts and Sciences. My residency will take place in Spring 2024!

Dr. Mary Matthews and I gave an online workshop for Flute World's Solo of the Month group which focused on etudes from our books Beatboxing and Beyond" and "Into the Beyond". Check it out:

Wail Recording

Sarah Miller's "Wail" was released November 1, 2023. This album features Nicole Chamberlain's Wail for flute and trombone.

My etudes Boxed In from "Beatboxing and Beyond" and Jet Packed from "Into the Beyond" are selected pieces for the Solo of the Month group on Facebook for November. Flutists can join in on the fun for free as we learn these pieces in a supportive and safe environment. Join now

I got to be on the gameshow podcast "Songfoolery" with Dr. Ginny Tutton again! This one is Composer Two Truths and a Lie: Check it out here or wherever you get your podcast.

"Into the Beyond", the 2nd volume in the "Beatboxing and Beyond" series by Dr. Mary Matthews and Nicole Chamberlain, is available for pre-order. First 20 pre-orders get an autograph copy! Pre-order yours here.

I have two pieces on the competition list for the 2024 National Flute Association Convention. If you want to get a jump start learning these pieces I have them available for purchase as a PDF in the links below:

I got to be on the gameshow podcast "Songfoolery" with Dr. Ginny Tutton! It's all about dogs and music, what could be better? Check it out here or wherever you get your podcast.

NFA Flute Convention I will be at the 2023 NFA Convention in Phoenix from August 3-6. I will have 10 pieces performed and the world premiere of my comp "Beyond the Pale" for low flute choir. I'm hoping to run into all of my flute friends and staying out of the heat. If you can't catch me running from concert to concert, than you can certainly catch me in one place at the Flute World Booth on Saturday, August 5, where I will be signing music and answering questions about extended techniques, my compositions, or working as a composer. I hope to see everyone!

You can see my schedule here, so we can hopefully run into each other. View Nicole's NFA Schedule

Dr. Elizabeth Robinson, Dr. Nicole Riner, and I discuss how we navigated making the sausage on Part 2 of Flute New Music Consortium's Podcast "Music Crush".

2023 National Flute Association's Newly Published Music Competition Results are in! Here's how my music placed:
Finalist: Spooklight for flute choir in the Flute Choir Category.
Finalist: Salty for flute and alto saxophone in the Mixed Flute Duet Category.
Finalist: Atalanta for flute, oboe, bass clarinet, viola, and harp in the Mixed Ensemble Category.
Honorable Mention: OK, Everyone Calm Down! for flute and tuba in the Mixed Flute Duet Category.
Honorable Mention: A Visit From St. Nicholas for flute, violin, and piano in the Flute Duo with Piano Category.

Want a better understanding of Music Copyright Law? Carl Fischer's lawyer Jay Berger and I discuss the do's and don'ts of copyright with the National Flute Association's Flute Clubs Committee:

Aviary: Elizabeth Robinson

Elizabeth Robinson's album"Aviary" will be released March 24, 2023. This album features Nicole Chamberlain's Death Whistle for solo piccolo and Spooklight for flute quintet/choir. Both pieces were commissioned by Dr. Elizabeth Robinson.

My dad gave me some great advice when I was faced with rejections from auditions as a high school student: "If you really want to do this, you're just gonna have to find a way to make it work". My dad died in October, a week later I had major surgery to address stage 1 grade 1 endometrioid ovarian cancer, stage 4 endometriosis, and uterine fibroids the size of grapefruits - I'm fine now by the way. And somehow I still needed to make this life work without dad and with a new phase of life. In November, when things were kind of fresh, I got to have a lovely and theraputic conversation with my friends Dr. Nicole Riner and Dr. Elizabeth Robinson of Flute New Music Consortium on their podcast Music Crush. We talk about that solid advice and how we've all had to find ways to "make it work". Part 1 of the podcast is now available. You can listen below or anywhere you like to listen to podcasts.

2022 ASCAP Plus Award Recipient!

Duprass: Shelley and Philip Martinson


Shelley and Philip Martinson's album"Duprass" was released September 9, 2022. This album features Nicole Chamberlain's Wail for flute and trombone recorded by the commissioners of the piece Shelley (flute) and Philip Martinson (trombone).

Mangosteen Recording

Duo Sequenza's "Yes It's Still a Thing" was released September 9, 2022. This album features Nicole Chamberlain's Mangosteen for flute and guitar.

Imperial Topaz Recording

"Diversions" was released September 2, 2022. "Diversions" is Rose Bishop's debut album of solo flute repertoire that she either commissioned during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, or performed as part of her residency with the Southeast Iowa Symphony Orchestra in October, 2021. This album features Nicole Chamberlain's Imperial Topaz for solo contra bass flute.

Nicole at the National Flute Conventino

This year's National Flute Association Convention is going to be a memorable one! There will be 19 performances (one world premiere) of 15 of my pieces!?! That's amazing! Thanks to all the ensembles who programmed my pieces. I will be conducting the 2020/2021 NFA Collegiate Honors Flute Choir who finally get to perform in person! I will also be giving a "Beatboxing and Beyond" workshop with Dr. Mary Matthews, giving a talk about composing for flute choir, and one of the presenters for "Flute Speakeasy: New Creations Workshop" with fellow composers Valerie Coleman and Amanda Harberg. I'm especially looking forward to seeing all my friends at the convention and making some new ones.

You can see my schedule here, so we can hopefully run into each other. View Nicole's NFA Schedule

Into the Beyond Flute Method Book

What a year it has been for Beatboxing & Beyond! Since its release one year ago today, Dr. Mary Matthews and I have been thrilled to see it featured in the Etude of the Week group, Mid-South Flute Fair, Atlanta Flute Fair, college and high school flute studios around the country, and you can attend the full one-hour workshop at NFA in Chicago in just a couple months! It has also received three research and publishing awards. Thank you to our flute community for making this happen!

In honor of our one-year anniversary, we are excited to announce Volume 2: Into the Beyond in 2023. This method book will expand upon the first by layering extended techniques together and exploring intermediate extended techniques skills. We can’t wait to share it with you as it comes to life later this year and next!

Our NFA presentation is at noon on Saturday, August 13. Come join us as we explore this one-of-a-kind method book together!

Be the first to know about the release of "Into the Beyond". Sign up here to be notified by email of its release.

2022 National Flute Association's Newly Published Music Competition Results are in! Here's how my music placed:
WINNER: Breaking Glass for flute choir in the Flute Choir Category.
Finalist: "Beatboxing and Beyond: Essential Method for the 21st-century Flutist" with Dr. Mary Matthews in the Pedagogy Category.
Finalist: More Nonsense for soprano and bass/alto flute in the Works Featuring Low Flutes Category.
Honorable Mention: Moxie for woodwind quintet and piano in the Woodwind Quintet Category.

Flute Unscripted Interview with Dr. Mary Matthews and host Caity Massoud

2021 ASCAP Plus Award Recipient!

Guest appearance on Song Foolery with Dr. Mary Matthews and host Ginny Tutton!


"Beatboxing and Beyond" will be the etude book use for "Etude of the Week" Facebook Group starting December 13, 2021. Come join us! Get your copy of "Beatboxing and Beyond"!

Glowing review about "Beatboxing and Beyond" in The Flutist Quarterly by Jessica Dunnavant: "Beatboxing and Beyond is a revelation—it's a worthy addition to all our libraries. The explanations alone are clearer than most I've seen, and the breakdown of steps for how to achieve the desired effect is brilliant. Chamberlain's etudes are accessible and challenging, and as with so much of her music, they're also clever and fun." Get your copy of "Beatboxing and Beyond"

New article on TheFluteExaminer.com about the ten year collaboration between Dr. Mary Matthews and myself titled "Beatboxing and Beyond: Flute, Friendship, and a Pandemic Project Brought to Life".

Live recordings of all my pieces are now available! You can take a listen here

Dr.Mary Matthews and I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Music Herstory Podcast where we discussed our professional careers, collaboration, composing and performing new music, our new method book, representation in the composition and collegiate worlds, as well as issues of equity. You can listen below:

Music HERstory · Episode 60 - "The Dream Team"

Hit the Bricks for woodwind quintet selected as Finalist for the 2021 National Flute Association's Newly Published Music Competition in the Woodwind Quintet Category.

New Spotted Rocket Publishing website has been launched! All of my works can now be purchased there. You can also buy physical copies of most works if you prefer. Also, you can find Brian Chamberlain's compositions on the new site too. Things are automated and you no longer have to wait on me to have time to send your purchases!

I was featured on Oberlin's "The Fluture Is Now" radio show hosted by Mike Zellers. You can listen here.

I'm writing a method book with Dr. Mary Matthews about extended technques for the flute. Watch the announcement below:

2020 ASCAP Plus Award Recipient!

Interviewed by Jean-Paul Wright on the Talking Flutes Podcast. You can listen here.

Digital world premiere of my composition "Everything is fine." for woodwind quintet commissioned and performed by Maryland Chamber Winds. You can watch the video of the performance here.

National Flute Association's 2020 Newly Published Music Competition results are out: Salty for flute and clarinet won the mixed duets category, To Love Is to Act for alto flute and vibraphone made finalist in the low flutes category, and Imperial Topaz for contrabass flute got an honorable mention in the low flute category. Thanks to my commissioners and premiere performers who made the new music possible!

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Next Event

June 9, 2024 at 12:30pm
Performance of Railroaded for flute choir performed by CAFE at Crawford Art Gallery in Cork, Ireland.

June 16, 2024 at 2:00pm
World premiere of Animalis, III. Wolfpipe for solo flute and chamber ensemble performed by Dr. Mary Matthews and Newfound Chamber Winds directed by Dr. Tyler Austin at Chandler Recital Hall at Old Dominion University, 1339 W 49th St, Norfolk, VA 23529. Nicole will be in attendance.

June 22, 2024 at 7:30pm
Performance of Salty for flute and clarinet performed by Jamie Yoo and Jiyeon Choi at Tenri Cultural Arts Institute in New York City.

Got New Music?

I'm always open to new collaborations for new music. Want to add to your instrument and/or ensemble's repertoire tailor made to your strengths? Let's chat about the possibily of working together! Candide conversation with no obligation to commit.

Ask about commissioning Nicole
Three-Nine Line: Flute Music of Nicole Chamberlain

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