Flutology - the Fundamentals

Composer: Nicole Chamberlain
Instrumentation: flute
Level: Beginner to Advanced
Format: PDF
Price: $5.00


Flutology - The Fundamentals is an essential reference book for basic fingering, warm-up, and scale exercises that improve technical facility and theoretical understanding for flutists of all abilities. Contained within this 36 page edition are fingering charts, warm-up exercises, scales, and some basic music theory. Being familiar with the contents of this book will help any player become more capable of good performance, through improved technique and a better understanding of the music they play. -- Most students play from note to note and hope for the best, but if they are able to recognize scales or patterns, and understand how these notes work together, the student begins to see the bigger picture, and can anticipate what is coming up next. Reading music is a lot like reading a book. A student who can play the scale in a phrase is like the student who can read a sentence without having to sound out each word. Flutology - the Fundamentals provides the tools one needs to achieve impeccable technique and musical understanding, that lead to solid musical interpretation.