Kepler 836b

Performance by Dr. Jason Byrnes:

Composer: Nicole Chamberlain
Instrumentation: Tuba and Fixed Audio
Level: Advanced
Duration: 5 1/2 Minutes
Format: PDF
Price: $15.00

Kepler 836b was commissioned by William Pritchard to commemorate his new Eastman EBC 836 CC tuba. NASA released to the public sounds from historical space explorations. Among the sounds were sounds from Kepler's explorations in the search for planets that might have ideal conditions for life. There is a planet called Kepler 836b which corresponds to the new Eastman's EBC 836 tuba model.

The piece reflects the Kepler spacecraft's journey. We start with the launch, follow its route beyond the solar system's realm, proceed to what seems to be the end of the Kepler spacecraft's mission. The Kepler spacecraft will not be returning back to Earth. It will keep going until it runs out of fuel and can no longer be controlled or communicate with NASA.