Recorded live by Dr. Bret Pimentel

Composer: Nicole Chamberlain
Instrumentation: Solo flute, clarinet, bassoon, oboe, and alto saxophone
Level: Advanced
Duration: About 12 Minutes
Format: PDF
Price: $15.00

I. Crack-up for solo flute
II. Ragamuffin for solo clarinet
III. Wet Blanket for solo bassoon
IV. Flim-flam for solo oboe
V. Slap Happy for solo alto saxophone


Jeepers was commissioned by Dr. Bret Pimentel. The piece calls for a performer who is very skilled at all of the woods: flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and alto saxophone. Each movement is dedicated to a single instrument showcasing certain extended techniques that portray a certain annoying personality using outdated slang from the 1940s.

The overall arching theme is that each personality portrayed is either disturbing, comical, or at least annoying making the fitting title of Jeepers which is used as an expression of surprise or alarm. The first movement, Crack-up, is for flute and refers to someone who goofs off, giggles, or bursts out laughing - typical personality trait of us flute players. The second movement, Raggamuffin, for solo clarinet refers to someone who might be rough around the edges and unreliable. Wet Blanket is for solo bassoon, and we all have met this person who really dampens the up beat mood of the group. Flim-flam for oboe is someone who might deceive or lie. While he has seeing his good side, something sinister may be afoot. Finally, there is Slap Happy for alto saxophone. This refers to someone who is casual, flippant, or punch-drunk. What else would you name a piece that call for an abundance of slap tonguing?